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Conflicts in companies, between managing partners, with business partners – these areas have been the main focus of my work as a mediator for more than 20 years. Being entrusted with the role as neutral facilitator (mediator), I support the involved parties while they work on a solution beneficial to both sides. The parties solve their conflict, with my assistance – as a negotiated agreement, voluntarily and on their own authority. This differs from court procedures, ending with a judgment on the case. Acting as a mediator, I neither advise one nor all parties legally (as a lawyer). Another area of my experiences as a mediator comprises disputes originating from families, that can cause blockades on the planned transfer of business to another generation or on the strategic orientation of a company.

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Business coaching & life coaching

My work as a coach focuses on the individual reflection of professional or private situations. Strengthening my clients competences is the main focus. My work is based on my clients resources and focuses on possible solutions. Previous habits and thinking patterns – “mindsets“ – will open up to reveal, providing new access to someone’s attitude. Systemic constellations of structures and the model of the “inner team“ are my preferred tools.

Motives and possible  for a reasons for requiring coaching:

Generally, my work as an executive business leader is temporary,  in order to avoid dependencies and to  encourage my clients to stay motivated. In contrast to this, working as a “life-coach“ is based on private decisions, probably for longer periods. In these cases, focus is on the continuous reflection on professional career development or private change processes.

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Management consultation

Mandated as a consultant in companies and non-profit organisations, my clients define their topics or issues. In recent years, my main focus has been the structuring of and supporting role in change processes. Depending on the dimension of such change processes, I usually work alone or within a team I hand pick for each individual case, in accordance with their needs. In the case of already existing external experts or teams of specialists, my role is to coordinate all necessary steps.

During the last 10 years, my professional experience as a consultant involved medium-sized organisations with up to 700 employees and large organisations with approximately 5,000 employees, e.g. in digitalisation processes at HR, installation of internal health management and processes of (trans-) cultural changes.

When consulting medium-sized family businesses, I use my long-standing expertise as a lawyer and business mediator to establish ‘future-proof’ solutions for transfers from one generation to the next. In these cases,  I see my role as a ‘pilot’ who navigates and coordinates the communication between the company, its shareholders and their experts.

Lecturer and trainer

I have lectured for more than 2 decades, using my practice, professional experience and studies to help others. I have partnered with several institutions and the public administration in German-speaking countries and also in Malta.

My specialised areas of lectures are focused on:


I perform all my services in German and English.

About myself

Where I come from and what drives me – Life is a journey;

Born in Hamburg, I have been based in Berlin since the early 80s and studied law here at the Free University (FU) of Berlin. After a successful start as a lawyer in a medium-sized law firm in city, I worked as a consultant for a major Japanese bank during the time of German reunification. Working within international teams, dealing with exciting projects that not only involved legal aspects, but also analysing organisational processes intensively – all challenges that have influenced me since the start of the 90s.

Since my professional beginnings, the experiences of project-related, concrete intercultural cooperation have run like a thread through my professional development. Initially influenced by a longer stay in Japan, later deepened and professionalized by further trainings in Austria, Switzerland and India, today I can revert to these treasures in my work as a consultant, coach, mediator and lecturer.

My structured work as a lawyer, still helps me today to analyse and organise, effectively complex assignments and work situations. My training as a mediator in early 2000 opened up a new perspective on conflicts and their dynamics – which I have found to be greatly enriching. Since then, I have experienced, over and over and with greatest joy, the moment when the parties involved find their way back into a constructive dialogue. 

Communication is the essential component of my work. Driven by my curiosity to understand relationships, their patterns and processes even better, my education and further trainings in systemic work (as a coach and consultant) meant another step of in my personal growth. Conflicts, thought patterns, processes in teams and organisations, corporate cultures, etc. – gaining new perspectives with targeted questions, all make a difference in my work- in all facets. The use of systemic structural constellations is always fascinating. 

Over the last 10 years, I have been working and living parallel to Germany in a different, English-speaking, Mediterranean culture: I dealt with assignments in mentoring and training programs for managers and as well having a leading position in the personnel department of the largest hospital in Malta, Mater Dei. Besides this, my seminars in good governance programmes by the German government in the Ukraine and in Morocco have always offered further new challenges, which I would not want to miss.

The current pandemic period has shown me remote working ideals, digital work formats and the opportunity to engage myself with ideas and tools of New Work and to integrate parts of it into my own work and lecture contents.

In case of mediation and coaching services requested in Berlin/ Germany, my clients can select their own meeting room.
These rooms are available in Berlin Wilmersdorf or Mitte at MEEET (www.meeet.de) or at the premises of Sabine Neuenburg in Berlin Charlottenburg, Schillerstraße 40, 10627 Berlin (www.praxis-heilpraktikerin-mediatorin.de).

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